quick lietuviškai

quick vertimas 1. a 1) gyvas, greitas, vikrus; to be quickskubėti; quick to take offence greitai įsižeidžiąs; 2) quick at smth nuovokus, sumanus; 2. n gyvuonis; to cut smth to the quick paliesti jautrią vietą; 3. adv greitai

  • quick-tempered (adj.) irzlus, karštas, ūmus, greit supykstantis, karšto būdo, ūmaus būdo, karštakošis
  • quick-witted (adj.) sąmojingas, aštraus proto, nuovokus, sumanus
  • quick temper (n.) irzlumas
  • quick-sighted (adj.) aštraus žvilgsnio, akylas
  • quick-wittedness (n.) nuovokumas, sumanumas
  • double-quick (adj.) akimirksniu, labai greitai
  • cast a quick glance at (v.) pažiūrėti, žiūrėti
  • quick-wittedly (adv.) nuovokiai, sumaniai
  • take a quick glance at (v.) pažiūrėti, žiūrėti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (general anatomy) any area of the body that is highly sensitive to pain (as the flesh underneath the skin, a fingernail, or a toenail) Topic: general anatomy. Type of: area
  • (speedy) accomplished rapidly and without delay
  • (hurried) hurried and brief
  • (active) moving quickly and lightly
  • (intelligent) apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity
  • (immediate) performed with little or no delay
  • (excitable) easily aroused or excited
  • (promptly) with little or no delay

quick sinonimai energetic, expeditious, able, active, acute, agile, alert, animated, apt, astute, brisk, choleric, clever, crabby, curt, deft, dexterous, discerning, early, edgy, energetic, expeditious, expeditiously, explosive, fast, fleet, fleetly, flying, hasty, hot, hotheaded, hot-headed, hot-tempered, hurried, immediate, impatient, ingenious, intelligent, irascible, irritable, keen, lively, nimble, peppery, prompt, quick-tempered, quick-witted, rapid, rapidly, ready, sharp, sharp-witted, short-tempered, shrewd, smart, speedily, speedy, spry, straightaway, swift, swiftly, telling, testy, timely, touchy, vivacious, warm, witty, fast, promptly, quickly, speedily, abruptly, cursorily, deftly, fast, fleet, hastily, nimbly, quickly, rapid, rapidly, shooting, snappy, speedily, speedy, steeply, swift, swiftly

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