performing lietuviškai

performing vertimas a dresiruotas

  • performing artist (n.) atlikėjas
  • performing arts (n.) atlikimo menas
  • perform a marriage (v.) tuoktis, sutuokti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (activity) the performance of a part or role in a drama
  • (cast) to carry out or perform an action
  • (act) to perform a function Type of: act
  • (re-create) to give a performance (of something) Topic: performing arts. Type of: re-create
  • (carry through) to get (something) done

perform sinonimai accomplish, achieve, act, act up to, bring about, carry out, complete, comply with, declaim, do, enact, enforce, execute, finish, follow, fulfil, fulfill, hold, implement, keep, keep to, live up to, obey, observe, occupy, play, practice, produce, put into effect, put on, read out, realize, recite, redeem, render, represent, show, take, transact, work, play, appear, interpret, play, render, accomplish, arrange, carry out, direct, enforce, execute, fulfil, hold, occupy, put on, read out, recite, render, stage, stage-manage, achieve, fulfill

performing sinonimai acting, doing, employed, engaged, execution, implementation, pantomime, playacting, playing

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