represent lietuviškai

represent vertimas v 1) atstovauti; 2) atvaizduoti; 3) vaizduoti esant (as); 4) vaidinti (vaidmenį)

  • represent to (v.) priminti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (equal) to take the place of, or be parallel or equivalent to
  • (mean) to express indirectly by an image, form, or model; to be a symbol
  • (be representative, typical) to be representative or typical for Type of: be
  • (serve) to be a delegate or spokesperson for; to represent somebody's interest or be a proxy or substitute for, as of politicians and office holders representing their constituents, or of a tenant representing other tenants in a housing dispute Type of: serve
  • (express) to serve as a means of expressing something Type of: express
  • (embody) to be characteristic of
  • (constitute) to form or compose
  • (defend) to be the defense counsel for someone in a trial
  • (artistic production) to create an image or likeness of
  • (act) to play a role or part
  • (stage) to perform (a play), especially on a stage
  • (describe) to describe or present, usually with respect to a particular quality Type of: describe
  • (remonstrate) to point out or draw attention to in protest or remonstrance Type of: remonstrate
  • (state) to bring forward and present to the mind
  • (permute) to establish a mapping (of mathematical elements or sets)

represent sinonimai representative, rep, representative, act, act for, act in behalf of, act on behalf of, be, comprise, constitute, convey, copy, correspond, defend, delineate, denote, depict, deputise, deputize, describe, designate, embody, exemplify, illustrate, impersonate, interpret, lay out, make up, map, mean, personify, play, portray, present, reflect, render, reproduce, stage, stand for, symbolise, symbolize, typify

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