other lietuviškai

other vertimas 1. a 1) kitas; every other day kas antra diena; on the other hand iš kitos pusės; some time or other kada nors; the other day prieš kelias dienas; 2) (su daikt. dgsk.) kiti; other pupils kiti mokiniai; 2. pron kitas; one or other tas ar kitas; no other than niekas kitas kaip; 3. adv kitaip; he could not do other than he did jis kitaip negalėjo pasielgti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (not, same one) not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied Similar to: another, different, different, new, opposite, opposite, opposite, otherwise. Described...
  • (recently past) recently past Similar to: past
  • (early) belonging to the distant past
  • (strange) very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected Similar to: strange

other sinonimai added, additional, another, different, dissimilar, distinct, diverse, early, extra, former, fresh, new, separate, unlike, varied, various, someone else

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