former lietuviškai

former vertimas 1. a buvęs, ankstesnis; 2. pron: the former... and the latter pirmasis..., pastarasis...

  • former GDR (n.) buvusi VDR
  • in former times (adv.) kažkada, kadaise
  • territories of the former Yugoslavia (n.) buvusios Jugoslavijos teritorija
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (n.) Buvusioji Jugoslavijos Respublika Makedonija
  • former South Yemen (n.) buvęs Pietų Jemenas
  • in former days (adv.) kažkada, kadaise
  • former socialist countries (n.) buvusios socialistinės šalys
  • the former pirmasis
  • former USSR (n.) buvusioji TSRS
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (first) the 1st of 2 or the 1st mentioned of 2 Type of: first
  • (referring, 1st, 2) referring to the 1st of 2 things or persons mentioned (or the earlier one or ones of several)
  • (erstwhile) belonging to some prior time
  • (late) especially of persons, of the immediate past
  • (early) belonging to the distant past
  • (bygone) well in the past

former sinonimai antecedent, anterior, bygone, earlier, early, foregoing, last, old, once, onetime, other, past, preceding, previous, quondam, sometime, erstwhile, late, one-time

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