distinct lietuviškai

distinct vertimas a 1) ryškus; aiškus; 2) atskiras; ypatingas; individualus; skirtingas

  • List of distinct cell types in the adult human body Žmogaus ląstelių tipų sąrašas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (different) not alike; different in nature or quality
  • (easy, perceive) easy to perceive; especially clearly outlined Similar to: chiseled, clear-cut, crisp, crystalline, defined, knife-like, razor-sharp
  • (separate) constituting a separate entity or part
  • (definite) recognizable
  • (clear) clearly or sharply defined to the mind

distinct sinonimai apparent, clean, clear, clear-cut, clearly perceptible, conspicuous, decided, definite, different, discrete, dissimilar, distinctly, distinguishable, divergent, diverse, graphic, lucid, manifest, marked, obvious, only, other, perfect, plain, pronounced, separate, separated, sharp, special, trenchant, understandable, unlike, unmistakable, varied, various, vivid, vividly

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