mind lietuviškai

mind vertimas 1. n 1) protas; 2) atmintis; 3) nuomonė, mintis; to keep in mind atsiminti, turėti galvoje; to speak one's mind kalbėti atvirai; to make up one's mindpasiryžti, nutarti; to change one's mind apsigalvoti, pakeisti savo nuomonę; to my mind mano nuomone; to be in two minds about doing smth dvejoti, abejoti; 2. v atsiminti, turėti galvoje;

  • mind reading (n.) telepatija
  • keep one's mind on (v.) paisyti, skaitytis su, kreipti dėmesį į, numatyti, atsižvelgti, turėti omeny, imtis, leistis į, turėti galvoje, puoselėti, įsigilinti, įsileisti, kreipti dėmesį
  • keep one's mind on () galvoti tik apie
  • mind out! () atsargiai!
  • mind one's own business nesikišti (į svetimus reikalus)
  • state of mind (n.) nuotaika, nusiteikimas
  • have a good mind to (v.) labai norėti, būtų neblogai, norėti, jaustis kaip, būti linkusiam, ketinti
  • have a good mind to () knietėti, labai norėti
  • make up one's mind (v.) apsispręsti, pasiryžti, nutarti
  • mind reader (n.) telepatas
  • mind-set (n.) mentalitetas, intelektas
  • bear in mind (v.) nepamiršk, turėti galvoje
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (cognition) that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason
  • (recall) recall or remembrance Type of: recall
  • (opinion) an opinion formed by judging something
  • (intellectual) an important intellectual
  • (purpose) your intention; what you intend to do
  • (intelligence) knowledge and intellectual ability
  • (mental faculty) the faculty or power of mental concentration
  • (object) to be offended or bothered by; to take offense with, be bothered by Type of: object
  • (think about) to be concerned with or about something or somebody Type of: think about
  • (manage) to be in charge of or deal with
  • (obey) to pay close attention to; to give heed to
  • (watch out) to be on one's guard; to be cautious or wary about; to be alert to
  • (remember) to keep in mind

mind sinonimai brain, brainpower, learning ability, mental capacity, mentality, wit, belief, bent, brain, brains, creative thinker, desire, disposition, esprit, force of will, grey matter, head, heart, idea, inclination, intellect, intelligence, intention, judgement, judgment, leaning, memory, notice, notion, nous, opinion, psyche, purpose, ready wit, reason, recollection, remembrance, sanity, spirit, strength of will, thinker, will, willpower, wit, wits, quip, advert, attend, bear in mind, be careful, be on one's guard, be on the alert, be on the qui vive, be sure to, beware, give ear, hang, heed, listen, look after, pay heed, pay heed to, take care, take heed of, take notice of, to be on your guard, watch one's step, watch out

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