bent lietuviškai

bent vertimas I1. n palinkimas, polinkis; to follow one's bent elgtis pagal savo polinkius; to the top of one's bent lig valios, lig soties; 2. a lenktas; sulinkęs, susilenkęs II pt ir pp iš bend 1.

  • bend down (v.) nusilenkti, nulenkti, susilenkti
  • bend over backwards (v.) iš kailio nertis, padaryti viską, kas įmanoma
  • be bent on (v.) kauptis, telktis
  • bend one's mind to (v.) paisyti, skaitytis su, kreipti dėmesį į, numatyti, atsižvelgti, turėti omeny, imtis, leistis į, turėti galvoje, puoselėti, įsigilinti, įsileisti, kreipti dėmesį
  • bent on (adj.) nusistatęs, užsispyręs
  • round the bend (adj.) trenktas, kvaišas, kaip maišu trenktas, riešuto, pakvaišęs, kuoktelėjęs, pametęs galvą, iškleręs
  • around the bend (adj.) trenktas, kvaišas, kaip maišu trenktas, riešuto, pakvaišęs, kuoktelėjęs, pametęs galvą, iškleręs
  • Big Bend National Park Didžiojo vingio nacionalinis parkas
  • Darren Bent
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (inclination) a relatively permanent inclination to react in a particular way
  • (grass) a grass for pastures and lawns, especially bowling and putting greens
  • (grassland) an area of grassland unbounded by fences or hedges Type of: grassland
  • (natural endowment) a special way of doing something
  • (hunch over) to form a curve
  • (change direction) to change direction Type of: turn
  • (twist) to cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form
  • (crouch) to bend one's back forward from the waist on down
  • (deflect) to turn from a straight course, fixed direction, or line of interest
  • (move) to bend a joint
  • (resolute) fixed in your purpose
  • (unerect) of the back and knees, stooped
  • (damaged) of metal, for example

bend sinonimai bend dexter, bending, coil, crease, crimp, crook, curve, flexure, fold, loop, meander, plication, turn, twist, affix, arch, attach, be first past the post, bend away, bend back, bend down, bend over, be superior, be victorious, bow, branch off, compel, crack, crouch, curve, defeat, deflect, deform, dispose, diverge, flex, gain the upper hand, get the best of, get the better of, get the upper hand, have/get/gain the upper hand, have the upper hand, incline, influence, kink, make a bow, overcome, persuade, predominate, prevail, snap, stoop, subdue, submit, sway, swerve, triumph, turn, turn away, twist, veer, warp, win, bend away, bend over, branch off, lean over, sag, turn, bend back, bend double, bend down, bow, crook, curve

bent sinonimai bended, bent on, crumpled, dead set, dented, out to, ability, aptitude, bent grass, bent-grass, capacity, flair, fondness, genius, gift, hang, inclination, knack, leaning, penchant, set, talent, tendency

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