meeting lietuviškai

meeting vertimas n 1) mitingas; susirinkimas; susitikimas; general meeting visuotinis susirinkimas; mass meeting masinis mitingas; plenary meeting plenarinis susirinkimas; to hold/conduct a meeting vesti susirinkimą; to proclaim a meetinguždrausti susirinkimą, mitingą; 2) sport.susitikimas, varžybos

  • meeting room (n.) salė, rūmai
  • meet (someone) halfway atsakyti tuo pačiu, padaryti tą patį
  • meeting place (n.) mėgstama vieta, kurortas
  • international meeting (n.) tarptautinis susitikimas
  • make both ends meet (v.) išsilaikyti, gyventi iš, maitintis, misti, verstis, išlaikyti, ištverti, išgyventi, gyventi, patirti
  • summit meeting (n.) viršūnių susitikimas
  • ministerial meeting (n.) ministrų susitikimas
  • make ends meet (v.) išsilaikyti, gyventi iš, maitintis, misti, verstis, išlaikyti, ištverti, išgyventi, gyventi, patirti
  • meet one another (v.) sutikti, susitikti, susidurti su, pasimatyti
  • meet with (v.) prisidėti, prisijungti prie, prisidėti/prisijungti prie
  • Annual general meeting Akcininkų susirinkimas
  • Meeting Areva Areva susitikimas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (group meeting) a formally arranged gathering
  • (social gathering) a small informal social gathering
  • (event noun) a casual or unexpected convergence
  • (assembly) the social act of assembling for some common purpose
  • (converging) the act of joining together as one
  • (river) a place where things merge or flow together (especially rivers)
  • (come together) to come together
  • (get together socially) to get together socially or for a specific purpose
  • (be adjacent, come) to be adjacent or come together
  • (provide) to fill or meet a want or need
  • (fit) to satisfy a condition or restriction
  • (cope) to satisfy or fulfill
  • (interact) to collect in one place
  • (get, know) to get to know; to get acquainted with
  • (meet, design) to meet by design; to be present at the arrival of
  • (play) to contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle
  • (undergo) to experience as a reaction
  • (go through) to undergo or suffer
  • (contact verb) to be in direct physical contact with; to make contact

meeting sinonimai abutment, appointment, assembly, assignation, church, coming together, conclave, concourse, concurrent, conference, confluence, confrontation, convention, convergence, convocation, date, encounter, engagement, function, gathering, get together, get-together, greeting, group meeting, joining, merging, negotiation, parley, reception, rendezvous, session, tryst

meet sinonimai fitting, sports meeting, acquaint o.s. with, adjoin, answer, assemble, band together, bang into, be able to cope with, be able to deal with, be able to get through, be a match for, be equal to, be up to, bump, bump into one another, chance, collect, come across, come together, come to meet, come towards, come upon, come up to, comply with, confer, conform to, confront, congregate, connect, contact, convene, converge, cope with, cover, cross, deliberate, encounter, face, fill, find, fit, flow together, foregather, forgather, fulfil, fulfill, gather, get acquainted with, get together, get to know, go to meet, go towards, gratify, happen, hold one's own against, honour, intersect, join, live up to, match, meet one another, meet with, muster, play, play against, rally, receive, reply, respond, run across, run across one another, run into, run into one another, satisfy, see, step up to, stumble across, stumble upon, suffer, take on, touch, unite, walk towards, walk up to, answer, collect, come together, come up to, comply with, mass, regroup, satisfy, fulfil, fulfill, gamble, play, toy, take on, come across, come upon, cover, encounter, fall in with, find, go to meet, go towards, meet with, run into, step up to, stumble across, stumble upon, walk towards, walk up to

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