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contact vertimas n 1) sąlytis; kontaktas; contact breaker el.išjungėjas; to make contact įjungti srovę; 2)pl ryšiai, pažintys

  • Contact (film) Kontaktas (filmas)
  • contact lens (n.) kontaktinis lęšis, kontaktiniai lęšiai
  • Contact lens Kontaktiniai lęšiai
  • contact (n.) ryšiai, pažintys, sąlytis, kontaktas, ryšių, susisiekimo priemonės, komunikacijos, ryšys, ryšių tarnybos
  • contact (v.) pagauti, nutverti, pasiekti, būti greta, ribotis, sueiti, susisiekti su
  • contact (n.) kontaktinis lęšis, kontaktiniai lęšiai
  • contact () infekcijos nešiotojas
  • contact lens (n.) kontaktiniai lęšiai, kontaktinis lęšis
  • Contact Kontaktas
  • Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact Ikikolumbinės kelionės į Ameriką
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (interaction) a close interaction Type of: interaction
  • (touching) the act of touching physically
  • (connection) the state or condition of touching or of being in immediate proximity Type of: connection
  • (happening) the physical coming together of 2 or more things
  • (representative) a person who is in a position to give you special assistance
  • (communication channel) a channel for communication between groups
  • (electronics) a junction where things (as 2 electrical conductors) touch or are in physical contact
  • (communication) a communicative interaction
  • (lens system) a thin curved glass or plastic lens designed to fit over the cornea to correct vision or to deliver medication
  • (intercommunicate) to be in or establish communication with
  • (converge) to be in direct physical contact with; to make contact

contact sinonimai acquaintance, communications, connection, impinging, intercourse, inter-group communication, liaison, link, middleman, physical contact, relationship, striking, tangency, touch, connexion, contact lens, lens, approach, call, dab, dab at, get in touch with, get through to, reach, strain, strive, touch, adjoin, attain, get hold of, get in touch with, get through, meet, reach, touch

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