increase lietuviškai

increase vertimas 1. v augti, didėti; smarkėti; 2.n augimas, padidėjimas, padaugėjimas; wage increas algų pakėlimas; to be on the increas augti, didėti

  • capital increase (n.) kapitalo didinimas
  • price increase (n.) kainų didinimas
  • on the increase dažnėjantis, didėjantis
  • increase in production (n.) gamybos augimas
  • wage increase (n.) padidėjimas, priedas, algos pakėlimas
  • salary increase (n.) padidėjimas, priedas, algos pakėlimas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (indefinite quantity) a quantity that is added
  • (alteration) a change resulting in an increase
  • (physical process) a process of becoming larger, longer, more numerous, or more important
  • (amount) the amount by which something increases
  • (change of magnitude) an act of increasing something
  • (change magnitude) to become bigger or greater in amount Type of: change magnitude. Follows: scale up
  • (alter) to make bigger or more

increase sinonimai addition, gain, growth, increment, step-up, rise, augmentation, enlargement, multiplication, accrue, add to, aggrandise, aggrandize, amplify, augment, boost, build out, develop, dilate, enlarge, expand, extend, greaten, grow, heighten, intensify, magnify, mark up, mount up, multiply, put up, raise, run, run up, spread, strengthen, swell, wax, accrue, augment, grow, mount, mount up, put up, raise, run, run up, strengthen, add to, augment, boost, broaden, enlarge, expand, extend, heighten, raise, spread, turn up, up, widen

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