defeat lietuviškai

defeat vertimas 1. n 1) pralaimėjimas; to suffer a defeatpralaimėti; 2) (planų) žlugimas;2. v 1) nugalėti; sumušti; 2) suardyti, sužlugdyti (planus)

  • landslide defeat (n.) triuškinantis pralaimėjimas, skaudus pralaimėjimas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (ending) an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest
  • (disappointment) the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals
  • (get the better of) to win a victory over
  • (veto) to thwart the passage of

defeat sinonimai beating, conquest, debacle, disappointment, failure, frustration, licking, reverse, setback, rout, abolish, banjax, beat, blow down, bring down, cheat, destroy, fell, fuck, kill, knock down, mop up, overthrow, pip, rack up, ruin, throw down, trip up, whip, worst, ban, be first past the post, bend, be superior, be victorious, conquer, disallow, dismiss, flout, forbid, gain the upper hand, get the best of, get the better of, get the upper hand, have/get/gain the upper hand, have the upper hand, interdict, kill, nix, overcome, overrule, predominate, prevail, prohibit, proscribe, repudiate, resist, sabotage, shoot down, spurn, thwart, triumph, vanquish, veto, vote down, vote out, win

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