tiek angliškai

tiek vertimas (su dkt. vns.) so/that much; (su dkt. dgs.) so many; t. laiko so much time; t. knygų so many books; ne t., kiek praėjusį kartą not so much/many as last time; t. pat kiek... as much/many as...; dukart t. twice as much/many; kita t., antra t. the same number/quantity as before; as much/many again; man liko kita t. perskaityti I have as much again to read; man liko dar antra t. nueiti I have as far again to go; jis ne t. pavargo, kiek išalko he is hungry rather than tired, he is more hungry than tired; tai ne t. svarbu it is of no particular importance; t. to! enough of that! ; leave it at that!; let's drop it!; ir t. and that's all (there's to it); vis t. žr. vis; t. jį ir tematė he was gone in a flash , that was the last they saw of him; jis juokiasi ir t. all he does is (to) laugh

  • tai tiek apie so much for
  • vis tiek (adv.) just the same, nevertheless, at any rate, anyhow, anyway, in spite of it all, at least, yet, only, besides, in any case, but, however, how, in spite of that, in spite of this, either way, all the same
  • vis tiek () all one
  • šiek tiek (adv.) more or less, rather, round about, thereabout, thereabouts, vaguely, mistily, slightly, lightly, a little, faintly, a shade, near, near to, in the neighborhood of, in the neighbourhood of, right by, about, broadly, somewhere in the region of, approximately, something like, sort of, or thereabouts, close to, just about, some, roughly, around, or so, round, -ish, almost, approx, beside, by, close on, next to, in the region of, roundabout, somewhat
  • šiek tiek () some

tiek sinonimai iki, kiek, kiek priklauso, taip, toks

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