rather lietuviškai

rather vertimas adv 1) greičiau, verčiau; mieliau; I would rather go today than tomorrow aš mieliau nueičiau šiandien negu ryt; 2) gana, pakankamai; gerokai; he was rather tired jis gerokai pavargo; rather (than)verčiau, negu

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (instead) on the contrary
  • (kind of) to some (great or small) extent
  • (preferably) more readily or willingly
  • (quite) to a degree

rather sinonimai a bit, a little, a little bit, a shade, a tiny bit, a touch, a trifle, before, fairly, indeed, in place of, in some degree, instead, instead of, kinda, kind of, moderately, more, preferably, pretty, quite, reasonably, slightly, somewhat, soon, sooner, sort of, to some extent

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