dramatic lietuviškai

dramatic vertimas a dramatinis; dramatiškas

  • dramatic art (n.) teatras, drama
  • dramatic arts (n.) teatro menas
  • dramatic play (n.) drama, pjesė
  • Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (suitable, characteristic, drama) suitable to or characteristic of drama Similar to: hammy, melodramatic, spectacular. Described by: drama
  • (impressive) sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect
  • (pertaining adjective) pertaining to or characteristic of drama
  • (music) used of a singer or singing voice that is marked by power, expressiveness, and a histrionic or theatrical style Topic: music

dramatic sinonimai climactic, emotional, exciting, melodramatic, moving, of the theater, of the theatre, sensational, spectacular, startling, striking, tense, theatric, theatrical, thespian

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