compose lietuviškai

compose vertimas v 1) sudaryti, sukurti, parašyti; 2) (su)komponuoti (muziką); 3) nuraminti; to compos oneself nusiraminti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (constitute) to form the substance of Type of: constitute
  • (music) to write music
  • (writing) to produce a literary work
  • (compile) to put together out of existing material
  • (calm down) to calm (someone, especially oneself); to make quiet Type of: calm down
  • (plan) to make up plans or basic details for

compose sinonimai put together, absorb, adjust, annex, arrange, calm, calm down, chill out, collect, comprise, constitute, cool down, cool it, cool off, create, imagine, incorporate, invent, produce, quiet, set in type, settle down, simmer down, typeset, write, compile, draw up, frame, indite, pen, write

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