rest lietuviškai

rest vertimas In likutis, liekana; likusieji (the rest); all the rest, the rest of it likusieji; visa, kas liko; visi kiti II1. n 1) ramybė; poilsis; at rest a) ramybėje; b) nejudant; to have/take restilsėtis; to set at rest nuraminti; 2) pertrauka; 3) pauzė; 4) pastovas, stovas; 5) poilsio vieta;2. v 1) ilsėtis; 2) pasikliauti, remtis (kuo; on);3) (pasi) likti; it rests with you to decide jums paliekama spręsti; 4) būti palaidotam; ilsėtis ramybėje; rest likutis, liekana

  • at rest (adj.) negyvas, miręs
  • at rest () ramybėje, ramus, nejudantis, miręs
  • lay to rest (v.) palaidoti, laidoti, palydėti į amžiną poilsį
  • rest area (n.) aikštelė šalikelėje automobiliui sustoti
  • rest stop (n.) aikštelė šalikelėje automobiliui sustoti
  • weekly rest period (n.) savaitinio poilsio trukmė
  • rest assured būti tikram
  • rest home (n.) privati ligoninė, slaugos namai
  • rest on one's laurels () ilsėtis ant laurų
  • rest period (n.) atokvėpis, atokvėpio valandėlė, poilsis, poilsio trukmė
  • rest period (n.) poilsio trukmė
  • rest-room (n.) išvietė, tualetas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (component part) something left after other parts have been taken away
  • (ease) freedom from activity (work, strain, or responsibility)
  • (intermission) a pause for relaxation
  • (inaction) a state of inaction Type of: inaction
  • (death) euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb)
  • (support) a support on which things can be put Type of: support
  • (musical notation) a musical notation indicating a silence of a specified duration Type of: musical notation
  • (not move) to not move; to be in a resting position Type of: be
  • (intermit) to take a short break from one's activities to relax
  • (give, rest to) to give a rest to
  • (lie) to have a place in relation to something else
  • (recumb) to be at rest Type of: recumb
  • (stay) to stay the same; to remain in a certain state
  • (inhere in) to be inherent or innate in
  • (put something, resting) to put something in a resting position, as for support or steadying Type of: put
  • (sit down) to sit, as on a branch
  • (pillow) to rest on, or as if on, a pillow
  • (social verb) to be inactive, refrain from acting

rest sinonimai depend, others, balance, dormancy, ease, eternal rest, eternal sleep, kip, pause, prop, quietus, relaxation, relic, remain, remainder, remains, remnant, repose, residual, residue, residuum, sleep, half, half-time, breath, breathing space, relief, respite, rest period, breather, cease, have a rest, lie, lie down, relax, snooze, take a rest, breathe, catch one's breath, get back one's breath, get one's breath, get one's second wind, get one's wind, have a breather, lie, pillow, put your feet up, regain one's wind, remain, repose, reside, roost, stay, take a breather, take a rest, to get your second wind, alight, have a rest, perch

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