telling lietuviškai

telling vertimas a 1) žymus, reikšmingas; daug sakąs; 2) ryškus

  • fortune telling (n.) spėjimas, numatymas
  • fortune-telling (n.) spėjimas, numatymas
  • William Tell Vilius Telis
  • tell off (v.) apibarti, barti
  • tell the time pasakyti laiką
  • you never can tell iš kur gali žinoti
  • there's no telling ką gali žinoti, kas žino
  • tell apart (v.) atskirti vieną nuo kito, atskirti, pamatyti, skirti, išskirti, pastebėti, įžiūrėti, atpažinti
  • tell on (v.) atsiliepti
  • tell on (v.) įskųsti, skleisti paskalas, liežuvauti, pakišti liežuvį, apskųsti, paskelbti, pateikti ataskaitą, pranešti
  • tell tales () įskųsti, skleisti paskalas, liežuvauti, pakišti liežuvį, apskųsti, paskelbti, pateikti ataskaitą, pranešti
  • to tell the truth tiesą sakant
  • Tell Atlas Tel Atlasas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (narration) an act of narration
  • (informing) informing by words
  • (disclosure) disclosing information or giving evidence about another
  • (express) to express in words
  • (let something be) to let something be known Type of: inform
  • (narrate) to narrate or give a detailed account of
  • (request) to give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority
  • (guess) to discern or comprehend Type of: guess
  • (affirm) to inform positively, and with certainty and confidence
  • (evidence) to give evidence
  • (identify) to mark as different
  • (informative) disclosing unintentionally
  • (persuasive) powerfully persuasive
  • (effective) producing a strong effect

telling sinonimai alert, clever, cogent, expressive, impressive, ingenious, pregnant, quick, quick-witted, revealing, sharp, sharp-witted, significant, smart, telltale, weighty, witty, apprisal, notification, recounting, relation, singing, tattle

Tell sinonimai William Tell

tell sinonimai say, acknowledge, acquaint, announce, apprise, break, bring into the open, bring out, bring to light, calculate, come clean, command, communicate, compute, confess, confide, convey, declare, describe, differentiate, discern, disclose, discover, discriminate, distinguish, divulge, enlighten, enumerate, explain, expose, express, give away, give-away, impart, inform, let know, let on, let out, make itself felt, make known, mention, mouth, narrate, notify, order, pass on, portray, proclaim, publicise, publicize, publish, reckon, recount, relate, report, reveal, say, send word, speak, teach, televise, unwrap, warn, whisper, word, assure, bid, certify, command, difference, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, enjoin, evidence, narrate, notify, order, recite, recount, say, secern, secernate, separate, severalise, severalize, state, tell apart, warn

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