passage lietuviškai

passage vertimas n 1) praėjimas; 2) kelias, pravažiavimas; 3) kelionės bilieto kaina; 4) (įstatymo) tvirtinimas; 5) koridorius; 6) ištrauka (iš knygos)

  • passage of a bill (n.) įstatymo priėmimas
  • back passage (n.) tiesioji žarna
  • bird of passage (n.) keliauninkas, bastūnas, klajūnas
  • Drake Passage Dreiko sąsiauris
  • Windward Passage Priešvėjinis sąsiauris
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (change of state) the act of passing from one state or place to the next
  • (section) a section of text; particularly a section of medium length Type of: section. Part of: textual matter
  • (way) a way through or along which someone or something may pass Type of: way
  • (law) the passing of a law by a legislative body
  • (journeying) a journey usually by ship
  • (musical composition) a short section of a musical composition
  • (general anatomy) a path, channel, or duct through or along which something may pass
  • (reaction) a bodily reaction of changing from one place or stage to another
  • (movement) the motion of one object relative to another
  • (delivery) the passing of something to another person

passage sinonimai artery, avenue, changeover, channel, chapter, clause, conversion, course, cross, crossing, cruise, delivery, distribution, doorway, duct, enactment, encounter, entrance, excerpt, exchange, excursion, flight, footpath, ford, foyer, funnel, hall, handing over, handing-over, journey, lane, line, main road, movement, musical passage, outlet, paragraph, passageway, passing, path, phrase, portion, progress, quotation, reading, road, sail, segue, sidewalk, stanza, text, tour, transit, transition, transmission, travel, traversing, trip, voyage, way, way through

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