course lietuviškai

course vertimas 1. n 1) kursas; 2) eiga; in the course of a yearper vienerius metus; a matter of course savaime suprantamas dalykas; of coursežinoma; 3) patiekalas; 2. v 1) persekioti; vytis; 2) tekėti (apie ašaras)

  • course catalogue (n.) prospektas, brošiūra
  • course catalog (n.) prospektas, brošiūra
  • course fees (n.) mokestis už mokslą, studijas, mokestis už mokslą/studijas
  • course of study (n.) kryptis, maršrutas, kursas, vaga, mokymo planas, programa, planas, mokymo planas/programa
  • be a matter of course (v.) kalbėti pačiam už save
  • course of action (n.) būdas
  • of course (adv.) aišku, žinoma, įprastas dalykas, savaime suprantama
  • course of instruction (n.) kryptis, maršrutas, kursas, vaga
  • stay the course (v.) užsispirti, atkakliai ką daryti, eiti pirmyn, stengtis iš visų jėgų
  • in the course of () …metu, vienu metu su, procese, metu, per, ...metu
  • middle course (n.) kompromisas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (educational activity) education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings
  • (series) a connected series of events, actions, or developments
  • (direction) general line of orientation
  • (action) a mode of action
  • (l.) a line or route along which something travels or moves
  • (gathering) a body of students who are taught together
  • (nutriment) part of a meal served at one time Type of: nutriment. Part of: meal
  • (construction) a layer of masonry
  • (facility) facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport Type of: facility
  • (traverse) to move swiftly through or over Type of: traverse
  • (move) to move along, of liquids
  • (game) to hunt with hounds Topic: game. Type of: hunt down
  • (naturally) as might be expected

course sinonimai racecourse, racetrack, raceway, track, a matter of course, naturally, of course, airlane, circuit, class, course of action, course of instruction, course of study, course of treatment, cure, cycle track, cycling track, development, direction, dish, flight path, form, grade, itinerary, lane, lecture, lesson, line, method, path, piste, procedure, racecourse, racetrack, raceway, road, row, running track, seaway, series, ski run, speedway, succession, track, trajectory, trend, turf, way, feed, flow, leak, run, stream

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