name lietuviškai

name vertimas 1. n 1) vardas; first/ Christian name, amer.given name vardas; pet name maloninis vardas; in the name of (kieno nors) vardu; to go by the name of...būti žinomam kaip...; 2) pavardė; maiden name mergautinė pavardė; assumed name pseudonimas; 3) pavadinimas; in name pagal pavadinimą (bet ne iš esmės); 4) reputacija; a bad/ill name bloga reputacija, blogas vardas; to call somebody names(iš)plūsti;2. v 1) vadinti; to name after somebody pavadinti kieno garbei (gatvę, miestą); 2) nustatyti (dieną, kainą); 3) amer. paskirti (į tarnybą)

  • in the name of () vardu
  • big name (n.) talentingumas, įžymumas
  • trade name (n.) firmos pavadinimas, ženklas, firmos pavadinimas/ženklas, markė, fasonas, modelis
  • name and address (n.) adresas
  • name after pavadinti (ką) vardu, (kam) duoti kieno vardą
  • first name (n.) vardas, krikštavardis
  • name part (n.) pagrindinis vaidmuo
  • good name (n.) talentingumas, įžymumas, šlovė, garsas
  • family name (n.) pavardė
  • Family name Pavardė
  • computer file name (n.) rinkmenos, failo pavadinimas
  • give a name to (v.) vadintis, apibūdinti, apibûdinti
  • last name (n.) pavardė
  • brand name (n.) firmos pavadinimas, ženklas, firmos pavadinimas/ženklas, markė, fasonas, modelis, registruotasis prekės pavadinimas
  • brand name (n.) registruotasis prekės pavadinimas
  • business name (n.) verslo pavadinimas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (grammar) a language unit by which a person or thing is known Topic: grammar. Type of: language unit
  • (repute) a person's reputation Type of: repute
  • (family line) family based on male descent
  • (important person) a well-known or notable person
  • (sanction) by the sanction or authority of Type of: sanction
  • (defamation) a defamatory or abusive word or phrase
  • (label) to assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to
  • (denote) to give the name or identifying characteristics of; to refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property
  • (charge) to charge with a function; to charge to be
  • (establish) to create and charge with a task or function
  • (specify) to mention and identify by name
  • (think of) to make reference to
  • (discover) to identify as in botany or biology, for example
  • (enumerate) to give or make a list of; to name individually; to give the names of
  • (analyze) to determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a diagnostic analysis

name sinonimai appellation, appellative, big name, celebrity, character, cognomen, denomination, designation, distinction, eminence, epithet, fame, famous name, figure, gens, glory, good name, honour, illustriousness, note, personality, proper name, proper noun, proper noun/name, public figure, renown, rep, reputation, repute, standing, star, celebrity, fame, good name, renown, rep, reputation, appoint, charge, elect, make, advert, appoint, bring up, call, cite, constitute, describe, diagnose, discover, distinguish, give a diagnosis, go over, identify, key, key out, list, make, make a diagnosis, make mention of, mention, nominate, refer, report

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