manner lietuviškai

manner vertimas n 1) būdas; metodas; 2)pl elgimasis; manieros; 3) rūšis, kategorija; after a manner kaip nors; by no manner (of means) jokiu būdu; in a manner tam tikra prasme; no manner of joks

  • Style (manner of address) Kreipinys
  • after the manner of () ... būdu
  • manner of speaking (n.) šneka
  • in a manner of speaking (adv.) tam tikra prasme, iš dalies
  • all manner of () visokių
  • personal manner (n.) elgsena, tonas
  • in this manner (adv.) taip, štai taip
  • in like manner (adv.) vienodai, man taip pat
  • manner of walking (n.) eisena
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (property) how something is done or how it happens
  • (demeanor) a way of acting or behaving
  • (kind) a kind Type of: kind

manner sinonimai airs, appearance, aspect, attitude, bearing, behaviour, carriage, character, conduct, custom, demeanor, demeanour, fashion, habit, look, manners, method, mien, mode, nature, personal manner, position, posture, practice, presence, sort, style, tone, tradition, type, use, way, deportment

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