aspect lietuviškai

aspect vertimas n 1) aspektas; 2) žvilgsnis; 3) požiūris; 4) gram. veikslas

  • perfective aspect (n.) išbaigtas, tobulas, tikras, idealus, tikslus
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (feature) a distinct feature or element in a problem
  • (characteristic, be considered) a characteristic to be considered Type of: characteristic
  • (visual percept) the visual percept of a region
  • (grammatical relation) the beginning, duration, completion, or repetition of the action of a verb Type of: grammatical relation
  • (countenance) the feelings expressed on a person's face

aspect sinonimai air, airs, angle, appearance, attitude, bearing, condition, countenance, direction, exposure, expression, exterior, face, facet, facial expression, light, look, -looking, looks, manner, mien, note, outlook, panorama, panoramic view, physiognomy, point of view, prospect, ring, scene, shape, side, view, vista

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