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style vertimas II 1. n 1) stilius; 2) mokykla, srovė, kryptis (mene); 3) maniera, būdas; 4) mada, fasonas, (drabužio) sukirpimas; 5) titulas; 2. v tituluoti, vadinti

  • life-style (n.) gyvenimo būdas
  • Doggy style Šuniuko poza
  • expressive style (n.) stilius, fasonas
  • hair style (n.) šukuosena
  • in style (adj.) madingas, stileiviškas, paskutinis mados klyksmas
  • out of style (adj.) nebemadingas, nemadingas, senoviškas, senas, senovinis, išėjęs iš mados, senamadis
  • Beer style Alaus rūšys
  • Style (manner of address) Kreipinys
  • Programming style Programavimo stilius
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (property) how something is done or how it happens
  • (communication) a way of expressing something (in language, art, music, or so on) that is characteristic of a particular person, group, or period
  • (kind) a particular kind (as to appearance) Type of: kind
  • (taste) the popular taste at a given time
  • (botany) the narrow elongated part of the pistil between the ovary and the stigma Topic: botany. Type of: reproductive structure. Part of: pistil
  • (direction) editorial directions to be followed in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and typographical display Type of: direction
  • (elegance) distinctive and stylish elegance
  • (tool) a pointed tool for writing, drawing, or engraving
  • (general anatomy) a slender bristle-like or tubular process Topic: general anatomy. Type of: process
  • (name) to designate by an identifying term
  • (dernier cri) to make consistent with a certain fashion or style Topic: fashion. Type of: make
  • (write) to make consistent with certain rules of style Type of: write

style sinonimai design, plan, appearance, dash, elan, elegance, expressive style, fashion, flair, form of address, life, life-style, manner, manner of writing, method, mode, panache, smartness, sort, style of writing, stylus, technique, term of address, title, title of respect, trend, type, vogue, way, way of life, way of living, title

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