fashion lietuviškai

fashion vertimas n 1) mada; in fashion madoje; madingas; out of fashion išėjęs iš mados; to be the fashion būti madingam; 2) būdas; after/in a fashionšiaip taip (bet nepakankamai); 3) maniera; stilius; after the fashion of pagal pavyzdį

  • after a fashion (adv.) šiaip taip
  • all the fashion () labai madingas, madingas
  • fashion designer (n.) projektuotojas
  • fashion model (n.) rūbų demonstruotojas, manekenas
  • out of fashion (adj.) nebemadingas, nemadingas, senoviškas, senas, senovinis, išėjęs iš mados, senamadis
  • in fashion () madingas, stileiviškas, paskutinis mados klyksmas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (property) how something is done or how it happens
  • (practice) characteristic or habitual practice Type of: practice
  • (vogue) the latest and most admired style in clothes, cosmetics, or behavior
  • (consumer goods) consumer goods (especially clothing) in the current mode Type of: consumer goods
  • (make) to make out of components (often in an improvising manner)

fashion sinonimai bandwagon, beau monde, craze, custom, fad, faddishness, figure, guise, make, mania, manner, method, mode, mould, pattern, rage, sort, style, trend, type, vogue, way, forge, model, mold, mould

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