presence lietuviškai

presence vertimas n buvimas; in his presence jam esant; presence of mind šaltakraujiškumas, susivaldymas

  • presence of mind (n.) šaltakraujiškumas, blaivus protas
  • in the presence of () akivaizdoje
  • Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
  • Presence (album) Presence
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (beingness) the state of being present; current existence Type of: beingness. Describes: absent, present
  • (proximity) the immediate proximity of someone or something
  • (disembodied spirit) an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby Type of: disembodied spirit
  • (impression) the impression that something is present Type of: impression
  • (personal manner) dignified manner or conduct
  • (attendance) the act of being present Type of: attendance

presence sinonimai actuality, appearance, aspect, attendance, attending, bearing, behaviour, being, carriage, closeness, company, comportment, demeanour, existence, front, mien, nearness, neighbourhood, occupancy, propinquity, proximity, reality, residence, vicinity

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