attack lietuviškai

attack vertimas 1. n 1) (už)puolimas, ataka; attack planesmogiamasis lėktuvas; 2) (ligos) priepuolis; 2. v pulti, atakuoti

  • air attack (n.) antskrydis
  • attack aircraft (n.) naikintuvas
  • line of attack (n.) žvalgomasis, avangardas
  • Brute-force attack Grubios jėgos ataka
  • heart attack (n.) širdies smūgis
  • panic attack (n.) išgąstis
  • counter-attack (n.) kontrataka
  • Ground-attack aircraft Šturmo lėktuvas
  • Fast attack craft Greitasis atakos kateris
  • Parham Attack Parhamo ataka
  • under attack (adj.) apšaudomas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (military machine) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons)
  • (turn) an offensive move in a sport or game Type of: turn
  • (fire) intense adverse criticism
  • (conceptualization) ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation
  • (crime) the act of attacking
  • (beginning) a decisive manner of beginning a musical tone or phrase
  • (affliction) a sudden occurrence of an uncontrollable condition Type of: affliction
  • (degeneration) the onset of a corrosive or destructive process (as by a chemical agent) Type of: degeneration
  • (strong criticism) strong criticism Type of: criticism
  • (contend) to launch an attack or assault on; to begin hostilities or start warfare with
  • (knock) to attack in speech or writing
  • (act) to take the initiative and go on the offensive
  • (set on) to attack someone physically or emotionally
  • (get down) to set to work upon; to turn one's energies vigorously to a task Type of: get down
  • (affect) to begin to injure Type of: affect

attack sinonimai aggression, approach, assassination attempt, assault, attempt, blast, dose, fire, fit, flack, flak, onrush, onset, onslaught, plan of attack, seizure, terrorist attack, tone-beginning, advance, advance guard, beforehand, line of attack, vanguard, affect, aggress, assail, assault, be corrosive, bite, blame, bombard, charge, come, come to grips with, corrode, criticise, denounce, eat away, eat away at, eat away into, eat into, erode, fall on, fall on/upon, fall to, fall upon, get down to, go at, go for, harass, impugn, invade, lash out, malign, press, revile, round, set on, set upon, snipe, storm, tuck into, turn on, fall on, affect, be corrosive, burn, corrode, eat, harm, rust

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