facing lietuviškai

facing vertimas n 1) (sienų) apmušimas; 2) spalvotas antsiuvas 3) priešais

  • face cover (n.) marmuras
  • face lift (n.) pagražinimas, plastinė veido operacija
  • face cloth (n.) frotinė prausimosi, maudymosi servetėlė, frotinis skudurėlis, trynikas, frotinė prausimosi/maudymosi servetėlė
  • fly in the face of (v.) nesiskaityti, ignoruoti, nepaisyti
  • face-off (n.) susidūrimas, konfrontacija, susirėmimas
  • face value (n.) nominalinė vertė, nominalas
  • Face value Nominalas
  • make a face (v.) daryti grimasas, vaipytis
  • face lifting (n.) pagražinimas, plastinė veido operacija
  • face powder (n.) pudra
  • face-powder (n.) pudra
  • face up (v.) suvesti į akistatą, pakelti, drąsiai pasitikti, drąsiai pasitikti/pakelti
  • face fungus (n.) barzda
  • face the music (v.) atsiimti savo
  • face to face (adv.) akis į akį
  • face-saving (adj.) gelbėjantis prestižą/reputaciją
  • on the face of it (adv.) iš pirmo žvilgsnio, neva, tariamai, matyt
  • face plate (n.) marmuras
  • face up to (v.) drąsiai pasitikti, pakelti, suvesti į akistatą, drąsiai pasitikti/pakelti
  • pull a face (v.) daryti grimasas, vaipytis
  • about-face (n.) posūkis, pakeitimas, sukeitimas, apsisukimas, posūkis atgal, apsisukimas/posūkis atgal
  • about-face (v.) greitai apsisukti
  • clock face (n.) ciferblatas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (liner) a lining applied to the edge of a garment for ornamentation or strengthening Type of: lining. Part of: collar
  • (coat) an ornamental coating to a building
  • (protective covering) a protective covering that protects the outside of a building
  • (application) providing something with a surface of a different material
  • (set about) to deal with (something unpleasant) head on
  • (meet) to oppose, as in hostility or a competition
  • (lie) to be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; to be opposite to
  • (be) to be opposite Type of: be. Similar to: front
  • (turn) to turn so as to face; to turn the face in a certain direction Type of: turn
  • (present somebody, something) to present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize
  • (disclose) to turn so as to expose the face Type of: disclose
  • (line) to line the edge (of a garment) with a different material Type of: line
  • (cover) to cover the front or surface of Type of: cover
  • (other) being directly across from each other

facing sinonimai casing, cladding, lining, veneer, across from, opposite to

face sinonimai air, appearance, aspect, boldness, brass, case, cheek, cheekiness, dial, expression, exterior, facade, façade, facial expression, features, font, fount, frontage, frontal, grimace, head, heads, human face, impertinence, insolence, kisser, look, -looking, looks, phiz, side, smiler, surface, type, typeface, countenance, gob, lineaments, mug, nerve, physiognomy, trap, visage, prestigiousness, kudos, prestige, confront, cover, defy, encounter, face up to, meet, oppose, stand up to, veneer, confront, face up, face up to, front, look, look straight in the eye, open on to, present

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