casing lietuviškai

casing vertimas n 1) padengimas izoliacija; 2)tech. įrėminimas, futliaras

  • Adessive case Adesyvas
  • case-by-case (adj.) atskiras
  • case study (n.) problemos nagrinėjimas
  • EC case-law (n.) EB teismų teisė
  • EC case law (n.) EB teismų teisė
  • case law (n.) bendroji teisė, teismų praktika
  • case-law (n.) teismų praktika
  • case law (n.) teismų praktika
  • case of emergency (n.) kritiška padėtis, nenumatytas atvejis, avarija, atsarginis
  • case in point (n.) precedentas
  • Ablative case Abliatyvas
  • accusative case (n.) galininkas
  • in case (adv.) jeigu, tuo atveju, jei
  • grammatical case (n.) linksnis
  • Grammatical case Linksnis
  • dative case (n.) naudininkas
  • genitive case (n.) kilmininkas
  • just in case (adv.) jeigu, tuo atveju, jei
  • locative case (n.) vietininkas
  • possessive case (n.) kilmininkas
  • nominative case (n.) vardininkas
  • vocative case (n.) šauksmininkas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (housing) the housing or outer covering of something
  • (covering) the outermost covering of a pneumatic tire Type of: covering. Part of: pneumatic tire
  • (framework) the enclosing frame around a door or window opening
  • (inspect) to look over, usually with the intention to rob Type of: inspect
  • (enclose) to enclose in, or as if in, a case

case sinonimai reason, action, affair, bin, box, business, bustle, canister, carton, caseful, casing, casket, causa, cause, character, chest, commotion, compositor's case, condition, container, contingency, crate, display case, disruption, disturbance, eccentric, envelope, event, example, facade, façade, face, flutter, font, fount, fuss, guinea pig, guinea-pig, holder, hoo-ha, hoo-hah, hurly burly, hurly-burly, illustration, instance, jacket, kerfuffle, maihem, matter, mayhem, pillowcase, pillow case, pillowcase/pillowslip, pillowslip, pillow slip, place, plea, position, predicament, process, sheath, shell, shoes, showcase, show window, situation, slip, subject, suitcase, thing, tin, to-do, traveling case, traveling trunk, travelling case, travelling trunk, trunk, type, typeface, typesetter's case, vitrine, window, lawsuit, legal proceedings, legal suit, suit, trial, grammatical case, encase, incase

casing sinonimai capsule, case, cladding, coil, cover, facing, frame, framework, jacket, pod, sheath, shell, window frame, wrapper, wrapping

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