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side vertimas 1. n 1) pusė, šonas; blank sidesilpnoji pusė; blind side silpnoji vieta (žmogaus); side by side greta; on the side amer. papildomai; beje; on the wrong side of forty per keturiadešimt metų (apie žmogaus amžių); 2) kraštas; (kalno) šlaitas; 2. v prisijungti prie ko nors, būti kieno nors pusėje

  • on the other side (adv.) kitoje pusėje, per, per-, persi-, į kitą pusę, į šalį, už, ant, virš, pri-
  • side effect (n.) šalutinis poveikis
  • side horse (n.) arklys
  • side path (n.) šalutinis kelias, skersgatvis, gatvelė
  • side by side (adv.) greta, vienas šalia kito
  • side by side (adj.) gretimas
  • side effects (n.) šalutinis poveikis
  • side-street (n.) šalutinis kelias, skersgatvis, gatvelė
  • side street (n.) šalutinis kelias, skersgatvis, gatvelė
  • side arm (n.) pistoletas
  • side road (n.) gatvelė, skersgatvis, šalutinis kelias
  • side with () palaikyti kieno nors pusę, palaikyti kurią nors pusę
  • side wing (n.) priestatas
  • side-stepping (n.) išsisukinėjimas, išvengimas, vengimas
  • top side (n.) viršus
  • upper side (n.) viršus
  • side-wheeler (n.) ratinis garlaivis
  • side-whiskers (n.) žandenos
  • Front-side bus Sisteminė magistralė
  • The Sonny Side of Chér
  • Upper West Side Aukštutinis Vestsaidas
  • Upper East Side Aukštutinis Istsaidas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (part) a place within a region identified relative to a center or reference location Type of: region
  • (social unit) one of 2 or more contesting groups Topics: game. Type of: social unit
  • (area) either the left or right half of a body Topics: animal. Type of: area. Part of: torso
  • (face) a surface forming part of the outside of an object
  • (artifact noun) an extended outer surface of an object Type of: surface
  • (aspect) an aspect of something (as contrasted with some other implied aspect) Type of: aspect
  • (l.) a line segment forming part of the perimeter of a plane figure Type of: line
  • (lineage) a family line of descent Type of: lineage
  • (cut of meat) a lengthwise dressed half of an animal's carcass used for food
  • (opinion) an opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute
  • (geological formation) an elevated geological formation
  • (sports) the spin given to a ball by striking it on one side or releasing it with a sharp twist
  • (align) to take sides for or against Type of: align
  • (adjective) located on a side Similar to: broadside, lateral

-side sinonimai border, edge

side sinonimai lateral, sidelong, sideway, sideways, aspect, edge, English, face, flank, gradient, heads, incline, light, p, page, place, position, side of meat, slope, topspin, go with

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