dwelling lietuviškai

dwelling vertimas n buveinė; butas; namai

  • dwelling house (n.) namas, būstas
  • multi-storey dwelling (n.) daugiaaukštis namas
  • Artificial dwelling hill Terpai
  • dwell on (v.) sutelkti dėmesį į, apsistoti prie
  • Tube-dwelling spider Plyšiavoriai
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (housing) housing that someone is living in
  • (worry) to think moodily or anxiously about something
  • (consist) to originate (in)
  • (populate) to inhabit or live in; to be an inhabitant of
  • (exist, be situated) to exist or be situated within
  • (repeat) to come back to

dwelling sinonimai abode, accommodation, accommodations, bungalow, domicile, dwelling house, establishment, habitat, habitation, hearth, home, house, lodging, place, quarters, residence, roof, tenement

dwell sinonimai abide, be accommodated, consist, emphasise, house, inhabit, lie, lie in, linger, live, live in, lodge, occupy, perpetuate, reside, sit, stay, stop, be anxious about, be concerned about, be worried, brood, concern o.s. about, concern o.s. over, concern o.s. with, fuss, fuss about, harp, inhabit, live, people, populate, reside, take on, trouble about, worry, worry about, worry over, be accommodated, live, lodge

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