accommodation lietuviškai

accommodation vertimas n 1 patalpa, būstas; prieglobstis; the hotel has accommodation for 200 guests viešbutyje gali gyventi 200 žmonių 2 patogumas; (buto) patogumai 3 pri(si)taikymas 4 suderinimas, su(si)tarimas; to come to an accommodation with smb susitarti su kuo 5 (trumpalaikė) paskola 6 pl amer. vieta (traukinyje ir pan. su aptarnavimu) 7 kar. dalinių apgyvendinimas 8 spec. akomodacija

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (improvement) making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
  • (settlement) a settlement of differences Type of: settlement
  • (developmental learning) in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of internal representations to accommodate a changing knowledge of reality Type of: developmental learning
  • (living quarters) living quarters provided for public convenience Type of: living quarters
  • (aid) the act of providing something (lodging, seat, or food) to meet a need Type of: aid
  • (physiology) the automatic adjustment in focal length of the natural lens of the eye Topic: physiology. Type of: alteration

accommodation sinonimai adaptation, adjustment, agreement, aid, apartment, arrangement, assimilation, benevolence, comfort, compromise, diggings, digs, domiciliation, dwelling, fitting, habitation, hosting, house, housing, kindness, lodging, lodgings, luxury, pad, place, public housing, reconciliation, residence, settlement, spot, tenement, topographic point, accommodations

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