brood lietuviškai

brood vertimas 1. n jaunikliai, šeimyna; 2. v 1) perėti; 2)perk. (ap)galvoti, (ap)mąstyti

  • Brood parasite Lizdinis parazitizmas
  • brood on (v.) kauptis, telktis, perinti, perėti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (animal group) the young of an animal cared for at one time Type of: animal group
  • (worry) to think moodily or anxiously about something
  • (hang) to hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing
  • (be, huff, display) to be in a huff and display one's displeasure
  • (grizzle) to be in a huff; to be silent or sullen
  • (reproduce) to sit on (eggs)

brood sinonimai clutch, litter, offspring, progeny, be anxious about, be concerned about, be worried, brood on, bulk large, concern o.s. about, concern o.s. over, concern o.s. with, cover, dwell, fuss, fuss about, grizzle, hatch, hover, incubate, loom, mope, pout, sit, stew, sulfa, sulk, take on, trouble about, worry, worry about, worry over

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