fortify lietuviškai

fortify vertimas v 1) stiprinti, įtvirtinti; 2)perk. paremti (faktais, skaičiais).

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (strengthen) to make strong or stronger
  • (enclose) to enclose by, or as if by, a fortification
  • (arm) to prepare oneself for a military confrontation
  • (add) to add nutrients to Topic: cooking. Type of: add
  • (spike) to add alcohol to (beverages)

fortify sinonimai enrich, animate, arm, arm oneself, back up, barricade, beef up, build up, buttress, encourage, entrench, fort, gird, hearten, invigorate, lace, man, reinforce, spike, strengthen, supplement, sustain, tone, toughen, truss

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