example lietuviškai

example vertimas n pavyzdys; for example pavyzdžiui

  • set (someone) an example rodyti pavyzdį
  • for example (adv.) pavyzdžiui, pvz. (pavyzdžiui)
  • example (n.) pratimas, mankšta, pavyzdys, atvejis, pamoka, modelis, maketas, atsitikimas
  • for example (adv.) pavyzdžiui
  • good example (n.) pavyzdys
  • make an example of () nubausti ką, kad būtų pamoka kitiems
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (information) an item of information that is typical of a class or group
  • (internal representation) a representative form or pattern
  • (ideal) something to be imitated
  • (admonition) punishment intended as a warning to others
  • (happening) an occurrence of something
  • (exercise) a task performed or problem solved to develop skill or understanding

example sinonimai archetype, case, citation, deterrent example, ensample, exemplar, exemplification, exercise, good example, guide, illustration, instance, lead, lesson, model, object lesson, paradigm, paragon, pattern, prototype, representative, specimen, standard, type

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