bet lietuviškai

bet vertimas 1. v eiti lažybų, kirsti lažybų, lažintis; you bet! šnek. būkite tikras, tikriausia;2. n lažybos(t. p. betting.)

  • you bet (adv.) žinoma, dar kaip
  • an even bet lygūs šansai
  • take a bet eiti lažybų
  • take a bet () kirsti lažybų, statyti sumą, lošti, eiti lažybų, lažintis, statyti
  • bet on (v.) lažintis, statyti sumą
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (pool) the money risked on a gamble
  • (gambling) the act of gambling
  • (predict) to maintain with, or as if with, a bet
  • (competition verb) to stake on the outcome of an issue
  • (trust) to have faith or confidence in
  • (interval) in the interval
  • ('tween) in between

bet sinonimai ante, stake, stakes, wager, calculate, count, depend, gamble, lay, look, play, put aside, put on, reckon, risk, speculate, take a bet, wager, bet on, gage, gamble, game, play, punt, stake, wager, back

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