attached lietuviškai

attached vertimas a 1) prisirišęs, atsidavęs; 2) pritvirtintas

  • attach to (v.) būti parduotam kartu su, tikti prie
  • non-attached member (n.) nepriklausomas narys
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (connect up) to cause to be attached Type of: connect up
  • (touch) to be attached; to be in contact with Type of: touch
  • (conjoin) to become attached Type of: conjoin. Follows: cling
  • (relate) to create social or emotional ties
  • (take) to take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority
  • (append) to fix to
  • (related to) being joined in close association
  • (architecture) used of buildings joined by common sidewalls Topic: architecture
  • (committed) associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
  • (loving) fond and affectionate Similar to: loving

attached sinonimai affectionate, affiliated, committed, confidential, connected, devoted, familiar, fond, loving, physical, trusted, trustworthy, undivided, united

attach sinonimai accompany, add, adhere, affix, annex, append, ascribe, assign, associate, attract, attribute, belong, belt, bend, bind, bond, captivate, charm, combine, confiscate, connect, couple, endear, engage, fasten, fix, glue, glue down, glue on, glue together, go with, hold, impound, impute, join, link, mount, paste, secure, seize, sequester, stick, stick down, stick on, stick together, tack, tie, unite, distrain

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