denounce lietuviškai

denounce vertimas v 1) kaltinti; (pa)smerkti; 2) demaskuoti; 3)teis. paskelbti negaliojančiu, denonsuoti (sutartį); denounce ment n denunciation.

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (knock) to speak out against Type of: knock
  • (label) to accuse, condemn, or openly or formally brand as disgraceful
  • (announce) to announce the termination of, as of treaties Type of: announce
  • (inform) to give away information about somebody

denounce sinonimai abuse, arraign, assail, attack, betray, blame, brand, condemn, criticize, cry out against, depreciate, give away, grass, indict, inform against, mark, object to, pass on, rap, rat, refuse, reject, report, revile, sell down the river, shit, shop, sneak on, stag, stigmatise, stigmatize, take exception to, tell tales, turn down, blab, grass on, shoot one's mouth off, snitch, snitch on, squeal, tell on

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