advanced lietuviškai

advanced vertimas a 1) perkeltas (į priekį); 2) priešakinis, pažangus (apie idėjas); 3) pažangus (mokinys); advanced guard avangardas, priešakinis būrys

  • advance payment (n.) išankstinė įmoka
  • advance booking (n.) išankstinis užsakymas
  • price fixed in advance (n.) išankstinė nustatytoji kaina
  • advance guard (n.) žvalgomasis, avangardas
  • in advance (adj.) išankstinis
  • in advance (adv.) iš anksto
  • in advance () priekyje
  • advance voting (n.) išankstinis balsavimas
  • Advance Australia Fair Australijos himnas
  • cash advance (n.) avansas
  • advanced technology industry (n.) pažangiosios technologijos pramonė
  • advanced materials (n.) pažangiosios medžiagos
  • Game Boy Advance
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (travel) to move forward, also in the metaphorical sense
  • (propose) to bring forward for consideration or acceptance
  • (increase) to increase or raise
  • (support) to contribute to the progress or growth of
  • (displace) to cause to move forward
  • (gain ground) to obtain advantages, such as points, and so on
  • (develop) to develop in a positive way
  • (better) to develop further Type of: better
  • (delegate) to give a promotion to or assign to a higher position
  • (lend) to pay in advance Type of: lend
  • (set) to move forward
  • (wax) to rise in rate or price
  • (precocious) farther along in physical or mental development Similar to: precocious
  • (later) comparatively late in a course of development Similar to: later
  • (progressive) ahead of the times
  • (high) at a higher level in training, knowledge, or skill Similar to: high
  • (high-tech) ahead in development; complex or intricate
  • (ripe) far along in time
  • (civilized) of societies, highly developed, especially in technology or industry Similar to: civilized
  • (front) situated ahead or going before

advance sinonimai advanced, advance guard, beforehand, in advance, line of attack, attack, vanguard, advancement, advances, approach, betterment, boom, cash advance, feeler, forward motion, gain, headway, improvement, loan, onward motion, overture, overtures, procession, profit, progress, progression, promotion, rise, accelerate, boost, bring forward, elevate, encourage, expedite, further, gain, gain ground, get ahead, hasten, hoist, kick upstairs, lift, make headway, promote, pull ahead, put forward, put up, raise, set ahead, speed up, supercharge, throw out, upgrade, win, bear down on, come along, come on, come up to, come up towards, get ahead, get along, get on, get there, go forward, go on, improve, make for, make headway, make progress, march on, move forward, move on, pass on, progress, shape, shape up, move, move on, march, move up, abduce, cite, put forward, adduce

advanced sinonimai advance, aged, ancient, elderly, exceptional, forward-looking, in advance, innovative, modern, precocious, premature, progressive, ripe, seasoned, sophisticated, time-honoured

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