while lietuviškai

while vertimas 1. n laikas; valandėlė; between whiles protarpiais; a good/great while ilgas laikas; for a while valandėlei; in a little while greit, netrukus; once in a whil retkarčiais; a long while ago senų senovėje; it is not worth while, it is not worth my (your ir t. t.) while tai neverta to, neverta to darbo;2. cj, adv tuo metu, kai; kol; nepaisant to, kad; 3. v: to while away leisti laiką 4. for a while trumpam

  • while away the time (v.) stumti laiką
  • for a while (adv.) truputį
  • worth while (adj.) verta, apsimoka, vertas, prasmingas
  • in a little while (adv.) netrukus, greitai, anksti
  • little while (n.) minutė, trupučiukas
  • every once in a while (adv.) kartais, kartkartėmis, retkarčiais, kai kada
  • strike while the iron is hot (v.) kalti geležį, kol ji karšta, kalk geležį, kol karšta
  • worth one's while () verta, apsimoka, vertas, prasmingas
  • once in a while (adv.) retkarčiais, kartais, kartkartėmis, kai kada
  • while away (v.) leisti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition

while sinonimai in the middle of, in the middle of, after, albeit, although, as, despite the fact that, if, in spite ot the fact that, meanwhile, much as, notwithstanding the fact that, since, when, whereas, every time, whilst, bit, little while, minute, mo, moment, patch, piece, second, spell, tick

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