unsettled lietuviškai

unsettled vertimas a 1) nenustatytas, nenuspręstas; 2) neapmokėtas; 3) nenusistovėjęs; 4) negyvenamas, neapgyvendintas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (upset) to disturb the composure of
  • (still, doubt) still in doubt Similar to: doubtful, open
  • (mobile) not settled or established
  • (variable) subject to change
  • (uninhabited) not yet settled Similar to: uninhabited

unsettle sinonimai agitate, amaze, baffle, beat, befuddle, bewilder, bother, confound, confuse, discompose, disconcert, disturb, dumbfound, embarrass, enervate, faze, flummox, fluster, frighten, get, gravel, horrify, intimidate, mystify, nonplus, perplex, perturb, pose, put off, puzzle, rattle, ruffle, shake, shake up, shake-up, shock, spook, stick, strike, stupefy, touch, unnerve, upset, vex

unsettled sinonimai aghast, appalled, changeable, changing, confounded, controversial, dismayed, distracted, distressed, disturbed, fickle, fluid, in a state, indecisive, jittery, not paid, not paid for, off one's stroke, open, outstanding, restless, roving, shaky, shocked, sleepless, startled, temperamental, troubled, uncertain, undecided, undetermined, uneasy, unpaid, unpaid for, unquiet, unstable, unsteady, unsure, vacillant, vacillating, variable, wavering, iffy

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