unsteady lietuviškai

unsteady vertimas a 1) netvirtas; svyruojąs; 2) nepastovus; nenuolatinis

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (subject, change, variation) subject to change or variation Similar to: arrhythmic, convulsive, faltering, flickering, fluctuating, palpitant, quavering, shaky,...
  • (unfixed) not firmly or solidly positioned

unsteady sinonimai against the rules, changeable, changing, cranky, erratic, erratical, flighty, fluctuating, infirm, insecure, irregular, mobile, movable, moving, not in accordance with the regulations, not in accordance with the rules, rickety, shaky, swaying, tottering, uncertain, undependable, unequal, uneven, unfirm, unfixed, unreliable, unsettled, unstable, vacillating, variable, wobbly

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