explain lietuviškai

explain vertimas v (iš)aiškinti, paaiškinti (smthto smb); to expl away pasiteisinti

  • explain away (v.) pagrįsti, paaiškinti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (inform) to make plain and comprehensible
  • (justify) to serve as a reason, cause, or justification of
  • (be) to determine the essential quality of

explain sinonimai account for, advocate, argue, articulate, clarify, clear, clear up, commentate, commentate on, comment on, comment upon, construe, define, demonstrate, demystify, describe, develop, disclose, elucidate, enlarge on, excuse, explain away, explicate, expound, formulate, illuminate, illustrate, interpret, justify, make a comment on, make more explicit, paraphrase, pass comment on, preach, rationalise, rationalize, read, remark on, remark upon, reword, spell out, tell, train, translate, warrant

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