lower lietuviškai

lower vertimas I1. a comp iš low; 2. v 1) pažeminti, sumažėti; sumažinti; padaryti žemesnį; 2) nuleisti, nukelti žemyn II (t. p. lour) 1. v 1) paniurti, raukti (kaktą ir pan.); 2) apsiniaukti;2. n niūrumas, apsiniaukimas

  • low pay (n.) žemas atlygis
  • low income (n.) mažos pajamos
  • lower class (n.) žemesnysis sluoksnis
  • low rent (n.) nedidelis nuomos mokestis
  • Lower Saxony (n.) Žemutinė Saksonija
  • Lower Saxony Žemutinė Saksonija
  • Lower Normandy () Žemutinė Normandija
  • Lower Normandy (n.) Žemutinė Normandija
  • Lower Normandy Žemutinė Normandija
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (berth) the lower of 2 berths
  • (move) to move something or somebody to a lower position
  • (devalue) to set lower
  • (decrease) to make lower or quieter
  • (change) to cause to drop or sink
  • (grimace) to look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval
  • (less, normal, degree) less than normal in degree, intensity, or amount Similar to: debased, depressed, low-level, reduced. Described by: degree
  • (literal meanings) literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension Similar to: deep, low-growing, low-level, low-lying, lowset, nether, squat. Described by: height
  • (soft) very low in volume
  • (unrefined) unrefined in character Similar to: unrefined
  • (low-pitched) of sounds and voices, low in pitch or frequency
  • (contemptible) of the most contemptible kind
  • (inferior) low or inferior in station or quality
  • (insufficient) no longer sufficient
  • (broken) subdued or brought low in condition or status
  • (dejected) filled with melancholy and despondency
  • (bottom) situated at the bottom or lowest position
  • (adverb) in a low position; near the ground

lower sinonimai inferior, lesser, lowest, minor, secondary, subordinate, under, undermost, lower berth, lour, bring down, depress, drop, frown, get down, glower, knock down, let down, lour, pull down, reduce, take down, turn down, withdraw, dim

Low sinonimai David Low, Sir David Alexander Cecil Low, Sir David Low

low sinonimai grave, abject, at a low ebb, base, baseborn, broken, cheap, coarse, common, contemptible, crude, crushed, deep, degraded, dejected, depleted, depressed, despondent, disgraceful, dishonourable, dismal, dismayed, dispirited, disreputable, down, downcast, downhearted, down in the mouth, down-in-the-mouth, dying, economical, exhausted, feeble, gloomy, grim, gross, humble, humbled, humiliated, ignoble, inexpensive, inferior, lowborn, lowdown, low-down, lowly, low-lying, low-pitched, low-spirited, low-toned, mean, mediocre, meek, menial, miserable, modest, nefarious, plain, plebeian, poor, prostrate, quiet, reasonable, rude, sad, scummy, scurvy, second-rate, servile, sinking, small, soft, sordid, subdued, unbecoming, undignified, unhappy, vile, vulgar, weak, blue, gray, grey, heavyhearted, depression, first, first gear, low gear, trough, moo

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