abject lietuviškai

abject vertimas a 1) pažemintas, nelaimingas; 2) niekingas, žemas; in abject poverty dideliame skurde

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (contemptible) of the most contemptible kind
  • (unfortunate) most unfortunate or miserable Similar to: unfortunate
  • (hopeless) showing utter resignation or hopelessness
  • (submissive) showing humiliation or submissiveness Similar to: submissive

abject sinonimai contemptible, debasing, despicable, disheartening, fawning, humiliating, ignoble, low, lowdown, low-down, miserable, objectionable, scummy, scurvy, servile, slavish, spiritless, unhopeful, vile

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