fair lietuviškai

fair vertimas In mugė, prekymetis; a day before/after the fair per anksti/vėlu II1. a 1) gražus; the fair sex dailioji lytis; 2) neblogas; 3) giedras (apie orą);4) bešališkas, teisingas; 5) šviesus, šviesiaplaukis; 6) taktiškas; 7) švarus; a fair copy švarraštis;2. adv 1) teisingai; garbingai; 2) mandagiai; fair and softly tyliau!; for fair iš tikrųjų

  • fair and square () tiesiai, aiškiai, atvirai
  • Fair use
  • fair game (n.) ieškomas, gaudomas asmuo, daiktas
  • fair deal (n.) geras sandėris, garbingas elgesys
  • fair play () taurus, gražus, garbingas elgesys, žaidimas pagal taisykles
  • fair-haired (adj.) šviesus, šviesiaplaukis
  • play fair garbingai elgtis
  • Trade fair Mugė (paroda)
  • fair trade (n.) sąžininga prekyba
  • Fair trade Sąžininga prekyba
  • fair-mindedness (n.) atvirumas
  • World's fair Pasaulinė paroda
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (show) a traveling show; having sideshows, rides, games of skill, and so on
  • (gathering) gathering of producers to promote business Type of: gathering
  • (exhibition) a competitive exhibition of farm products Type of: exhibition
  • (sales event) a sale of miscellany; often for charity
  • (join) to join so that the external surfaces blend smoothly Type of: join
  • (free, favoritism, self-interest) free from favoritism, self-interest, bias, or deception; conforming with established standards or rules
  • (moderate) not excessive or extreme
  • (beautiful) very pleasing to the eye
  • (baseball game) of a baseball, hit between the foul lines Topic: baseball game. Similar to: in-bounds
  • (ordinary) lacking exceptional quality or ability
  • (feminine) attractively feminine Similar to: feminine
  • (legible) of a manuscript, having few alterations or corrections
  • (equitable) gained or earned without cheating or stealing
  • (clear) free of clouds or rain Similar to: clear
  • (blonde) of hair or skin, pale or light-colored
  • (conformity, rules, laws) in conformity with the rules or laws, and without fraud or cheating
  • (evenhandedly) without favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded manner

fair sinonimai average, beautiful, blond, blonde, bonnie, bonny, bride, clean, comely, fair-haired, fairish, fine, flaxen-haired, honest, just, light-haired, lovely, mediocre, middling, moderate, nice, nice-looking, pretty, reasonable, sightly, white, beauteous, clean, evenhandedly, fairly, equitably, fairly, fair-minded, just, justly, legitimate, reasonably, right, annual fair, bazaar, carnival, cattle show, exhibition, exposition, festival, food market, jumble sale, market, marketplace, funfair, fun fair, carnival

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