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middling vertimas 1. a 1) vidurinis; vidutinis; 2) antrinis, pusėtinas, vidutiniškas;2. adv šiaip sau, vidutiniškai

  • East Middle Sweden (n.) Rytų Vidurio Švedija
  • Middle Ages (n.) viduramžiai
  • Middle Ages Viduramžiai
  • North Middle Sweden (n.) Šiaurės Vidurio Švedija
  • middle age (n.) vidutinis amžius
  • Middle Norrland (n.) Vidurio Norlandas
  • Middle East (n.) Vidurio Rytai, Viduriniai Rytai
  • Middle East (n.) Viduriniai Rytai
  • Middle East Vidurinieji Rytai
  • middle-aged (adj.) vidutinio amžiaus
  • middle class (n.) vidurinis sluoksnis
  • middle of the roader (n.) nuosaikusis
  • middle course (n.) kompromisas
  • middle school (n.) vidurinė mokykla
  • middle management (n.) vidurinė vadovybė
  • Early Middle Ages Ankstyvieji viduramžiai
  • middle-class mentality (n.) pasitenkinimas savimi
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (commodity) any commodity of intermediate quality or size (especially when coarse particles of ground wheat are mixed with bran) Type of: commodity
  • (put) to put in the middle Type of: put
  • (ordinary) lacking exceptional quality or ability
  • (reasonably) to a moderately sufficient extent or degree

middle sinonimai average, center, central, halfway, half-way, in-between, inner, intermediate, intervening, medial, mediate, medium, mid, midway, eye, heart, mean, midriff, midsection, midst, waist, waistline, center, centre

middling sinonimai average, decent, fair, indifferent, mediocre, medium, moderate, ordinary, passable, second-rate, so-so, tolerable, fairly, jolly, moderately, passably, pretty, quite, reasonably, somewhat, way, within reason

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