exposition lietuviškai

exposition vertimas n 1) aprašymas, išaiškinimas, išdėstymas; 2) paroda; 3) (fot.) išlaikymas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (interpretation) a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic
  • (artistic production) a collection of things (goods or works of art, and so on) for public display
  • (explanation) an account that sets forth the meaning or intent of a writing or discourse Type of: explanation
  • (music) the section of a movement (especially in sonata form) where the major musical themes first occur Topic: music. Type of: section

exposition sinonimai account, amusement park, article, bazaar, carnival, column, demonstration, display, disquisition, dissertation, elucidation, exhibit, exhibition, explanation, expo, exposé, expounding, fair, interpretation, paper, presentation

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