contain lietuviškai

contain vertimas v 1) turėti savyje; talpinti; 2) (su)laikyti; to contain oneself susilaikyti, susitvardyti; 3) mat. dalytis be liekanos 4) talpinti

  • contain o.s. (v.) valdyti save
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (incorporate) to include or contain; to have as a component
  • (bear) to contain or hold; to have within
  • (restrain) to lessen the intensity of; to hold in restraint; to hold or keep within limits
  • (arithmetic) to be divisible by Topic: arithmetic. Type of: be
  • (be capable, holding) to be capable of holding or containing
  • (defend) to hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; to check the expansion or influence of

contain sinonimai accommodate, arrest, bear, block, bottle up, carry, check, comprehend, comprise, conquer, consist, consist of, control, cover, curb, discourage from, embody, embrace, encompass, harness, have under control, hold, hold back, hold in, impose restraints on, include, incorporate, inhibit, involve, keep back, keep from, keep in check, keep under control, moderate, pen, possess, receive, restrain, stamp down, stifle, stop, subdue, suppress, take, take in, turn back

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