harness lietuviškai

harness vertimas 1. n pakinkytai; in harness darbe; to die in harness numirti darbo vietoje, poste;2. v 1) įkinkyti; 2) pajungti, panaudoti (pvz., vandens energiją)

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (support) a support consisting of an arrangement of straps for holding something to the body (especially one supporting a person suspended from a parachute) Type of: support. Part of: parachute
  • (stable gear) stable gear consisting of an arrangement of leather straps fitted to a draft animal so that it can be attached to and pull a cart Type of: stable gear
  • (animal husbandry) to put a harness
  • (exploit) to exploit the power of Type of: exploit
  • (control) to control and direct with or as if by reins
  • (restrict) to keep in check

harness sinonimai collar, couple, draw rein, rein, rein in, rule, tackle

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